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 Post subject: Interesting Book
PostPosted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:27 pm 
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Hello to All!

This book is based on a brilliant idea.
It's time to wake up!

Read an Excerpt
I saw him looking around in wonder. The sun had gone down in the same direction twice already, and he had given no sign that he wanted to do anything. He was sitting in the same position, only moving his head from time to time at irregular intervals. He seemed to be thinking. I wondered how long I should wait before going and asking him what he was doing.

"I'd better wait for the sun to go down once again," I said to myself, thinking with a smile, that I'm not in any way different from the mysterious character.

.................................................. ............................................

"What if he is not one of us?" I felt the question like a hammer hitting a huge bell. My whole body shook. A blast of happiness kept me riveted to the ground while everything around me began to change. We had all been waiting for this moment; we all wanted to get to know such a specimen, and we were all looking for this character. My happiness almost asphyxiated me. I was panting because I couldn't express my feelings. I was afraid of waking the perception of my existence in the one in front of me. He had looked at me several times since he came here, but he didn't seem to know what I was. Maybe he was not yet defined. I remembered the stories that the older people told us about these appearances. I thought they were only fantasies meant to make us believe in the existence of some supreme forces. But now he's here, sitting in front of me. He's just like the older people described him: a quiet ghostly appearance in a continuous state of learning. The resemblance to our bodies is striking. Nothing seems to be changed; everything is where it should be. I would like to get closer. I would like to touch him, to prove to myself that he is real. Of course, I know he is real, but still, I want to convince myself. Then I want to share my happiness with someone.

"I know, I know whom I'm going to tell. I'm going to tell her. She will surely understand me and support me. She will also be happy that this happened to me. This is great after all…." A new sensation of suffocation, gasping, and an even greater happiness had stopped him from thinking for a moment. He would have done anything for her, even if he knew that she would never do that for him. Never. But he was not angry; he never had been. In fact, this word, this perception ceased to exist among them many generations ago. He heard this word only from the elders who still told stories about the early times. Now, the elders went to live beyond the water, where they experienced a new life cycle, the last level of evolution.

A raindrop struck his face. Then another one. And another one. Countless drops began to flood him, but he still felt every single drop. Each one gave him a unique feeling. Each one gave him a boost. He slowly lowered his head, shielding his eyes from the raindrops as he continued staring at the character in front of him. "What is he and why is he looking at me?" The sound of the raindrops hitting the earth's surface soon turned into divine and euphoric sounds. The heat that he felt in his stomach began to climb up to his chest and then threw itself into his spinal cord. In that moment, he saw the forms around him. He saw the infinite groups of cells that were always plotting to provide an unprecedented environment. He saw the forms that were moving through the carpet of streams coming from the ground and on which he sat. He saw the empty being in front of him. "Who am I?" When this question arose, he felt that the energy that was feeding his sense of happiness and that had invaded his spine decreased in intensity. Suddenly, a stream of questions began to invade his brain creating an uncomfortable state of panic. "Where am I? Where do I come from? Why don't I know anything about myself? Why don't I know what all the forms surrounding me are?" These and myriad other questions tormented him at that moment.

"Are you all right?" The one in front of him saw the transition from happiness to panic, and he hurried to help without hesitation.

.................................................. .................................................. ........................................

Thank You!

 Post subject: Re: Interesting Book
PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2012 5:09 pm 
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One-Tree-Hill my best book , it is very interesting book.....
I like this book very much....!!

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