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 Post subject: The World at Large
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:30 pm 
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Currently (this Lifetime): How have things unfolded?
Hindsight, is what we can see, has already been so far and how it's gone with ourselves.
Supposedly, we see things in the light of later years, along the lines of missed-it along the way.

Early on, we get brought out into the outside world around us. Supposedly, like everyone else.
Are we like everyone else?
To what extent do we take care of things for ourselves?
Are things taken care of: for us?

No matter where we come into things, in it all, we have to handle things at our own ends.
The world is designed so's we can't/don't take care of things at our own ends.

Chances are: that however it's been around, where anyone is, has come our way, wanting us to give way to outside of ourselves.
We either give way or we don't.
Most people seem to: give-way.
Those that don't give-way readily, are ones that are being actively worked against, as they be.
Those that do give-way are seemingly: in the flow of things, outside of ourselves.

The world around flows along, with people actively coming into: the flow of things.
The ones that don't, don't fit into the world around, as things are.

The world around, is there, without anyone really contributing to it: being there.
Most people, appear, to be carried along, by the world around.
Some people, appear to be cast aside from doing-so.
Either way, we all have to manage functionally, at our own ends.
Seems like, there isn't anyone that really manages at its' own end.

The closest anyone comes to managing at their own end, is in-step with, the world around.
It looks like they're there, living life as things are seen to be.
Most people seem to socialize with others around them.
Most people appear to have jobs that they support themselves and families by.
Most people appear to be in the world of Now.
Maybe most of these "most people" are actively involved with things "being" somehow:
Governmental, Religious, Business, Scientific, Arts/Entertainment and whatever else "active" involvement, in the world around, more-so than the masses.
They appear to be there in the world around BUT mostly the world around, flows along with/by them.
And so things are.
However things appear to be.

There's a good chance there isn't really anyone, managing to be, at their own ends, anymore.

So is, is the world-at-large.

Why, why, why?

TPTB (unseen/seen) want to have it on "our BEING".

Mostly, TPTB, have it on "our BEING".
How it is that we are or we wouldn't even be.
NOT from "created-us" to-be BUT: from our physical presence OF "being".
"Mechanically" lording it over our BEING.

Our direct conscious selves, are what surface in our BEING.
And of course, we are not clued in to anything.
We come into the world around FROM not knowing AND we are not wanted to know things.
Especially things to do with: our very own BEING in-it-all.

Some people APPEAR to catch on to things, in themselves AND
they are seen in the light of: Paranoid, Schizophrenic, Magalomaniac and Confabulator (what else ?).
These people are mostly brought out in theirselves BY the world around (TPTB).
Instead of actually are anywhere near: true to form, in themselves, being-so.

The world around (TPTB) are actively making inroads against: the BEING of anyone.
They are simply, bringing us, out-in ourselves TO whittle away at our BEING.
TPTB are not being stopped NOR hindered by anything.
Compliments OF: out-there already-are OR we wouldn't be.
Not creators of us BE though.

The world-at-large: is made up of people ALREADY in their "control" in their being-there (the accepted ones).
This world-at-large: is working against people NOT already in their "control" (the unaccepted ones).

Life, as we see it, by the world around, is just a RUSE, by TPTB, in order to whittle-away-at,
anyone, that would be, that isn't in their control YET.

Those of us NOT in their "control" YET, could see the world around AS: just me, talking to myself.
TPTB obviously DO exert "control" over us.
They just haven't got WE BE: deadened in ourselves YET.
Our BEING is in their control over us though.

TPTB (unseen/seen) simply haven't got things like they want yet.
They are not "currently" faced with our BEING: as ANYTHING in it-all.
They want to get things MECHANICALLY rigged up TO counter any BEING in-it-all.
WITHOUT being bothered with anything IN real-life-ways.

Any BEING in the world of Now, is simply, upagainstit.
Looks like TPTB have us down to a "conscious-level" IN ourselves ANYMORE.
We are mostly being USED to further the Research & Development of TPTB so's they CAN
"mechanically" (the things that they can do) manage against BEINGS "out-there somewhere".
TPTB are having problems AS they MAKE us kick in ourselves.

TPTB are not really having problems with us (who's left ?).
They are having problems WITH getting things "rigged-up" somehow.
We are what TPTB have, to do their R&D against: the likes of any BEING.
MOSTLY: they have, out-there somewhere, in their sights, NOT us here.
EXCEPT: they "currently" can't keep us contained LIKE they want.
NOT because we are freeing ourselves from them anyhow BUT mainly because:
TPTB (unseen/seen) aren't keeping things UNDER WRAPS: in themselves, out-there already-are.
They are faltering OF their own.
NOT we are making them falter.
We are AT our own end IN-A "what's left of us" way.

The world around DOESN'T want to be "seen-so" BY us.
They would rather have us REACT to their UNLEASHING at us INSTEAD of DUDS to them.
They UNLEASH at us BY those ALREADY in their "control".
The very people that we "see" BE in similar ways TO ourselves BUT aren't.
Everyone HAS to be "functional" AT their own end.
TPTB don't want that NOT EVEN with ones THAT are in their "control".
Without us readily EXERTABLE-over: the world-at-large IS "see-able" AS: not functionally ABLE to be there IN themselves.
RESULT = others around us EITHER shape-up OR ship-out.
TPTB don't want the world around us TO shape-up.
INSTEAD: they simply want us, to not be able "to-be".
WITHOUT "real-life-ways" to contend with us by.

TPTB (unseen/seen) are faltering BY themselves IN their "delved-into" EXISTENCE of-it-all.
Those of us that see BEING (all-in-all) in themselves ARE

 Post subject: Re: The World at Large
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 9:44 pm 
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Brillant post upagainstit.......Your words really made sense to me...........You really see dont you........ :!: X

 Post subject: Re: The World at Large
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:28 pm 
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The link below to blog is written record of HOW things have transpired over the years:

Currently, the pre-programmed existence that we are contained by, is out of step, with my BEING.

Mainly: TPTB (unseen/seen) aren't functionally able to "over-ride" my presence in myself, as things are anymore.
For the most part (as far as I go), they've over-ridden to their lightheaded whims of it-all, prior.

Mostly: TPTB are in foreign control of the BEING.
There from without instead of anything from within the BEING.
Seemingly by: experimental ways scientifically produced.
NOT outside world ways OF ousting one another.
Mainly from a physical existence that's been wiped out from early on.
The true-to-form "be" that's been removed and replaced by their foreign presence.

Their reasoning seems to be:
They see one BEING as some kind of "magic-lamp" that they want to do their bidding INSTEAD of its' own.
They tried to hold me, in a ransom-like way, over this BEING in particular that I'm connected to.
Not much of anything is clearly defined anyhow.
It's all seemingly leading TO another story...

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