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(Unorthodox Means of Communication:
Integer sequence codes, phonetics, anagrams, acronyms)
niTRAm rehtUL gnik=ULTRA. ULTRA was the name for British military intelligence signals. ( ... weapon.htm)
MK ULTRA, an acronym for Martin Luther KING, Jr. or
niTRAM rehtUL gniK=CIA Project MK ULTRA aka The Negro Project which began in 1953(
The MK ULTRA program was a communist program designed to run under the guise of the civil rights movement without being detected. If detected, any criticism could be deflected with accusations of racism and the strategy of Division Fallacy accusing the critic of racism rather than addressing the actual matter.
CIA identifier code:
baraCkhusseInobAma=Integer sequence code when C=0:0,+7,-7=CIA(
barackhuSSeinObama=OSS( ... /index.htm
MONARCH, an integer code anagram within the name of Barack Hussein Obama which is found in this manner when M=0 on an integer scale:
M, M-3, M-4, M+3, M+4, M+6, M+8 and the sequence is 3,4.
(From 1977 MK ULTRA hearing records. Vice President Joseph Biden, Senator Daniel Inouye-Hawaii, former Ku Klux Klan leader Senator Robert Byrd-West Virginia, Senator Orrin Hatch-Utah, Senator Jake Garn-Utah and Senator Richard Lugar-Indiana-sat in on these hearings.)
bARaCKHusSEinobaMa=MK SEARCH;MK phonetic series CIA code when MK is stricken reads bARaCHusSEinobaa=Paired letter incomplete anagram. MK SEARCH is listed in the MK ULTRA records.
barackhusseINObAMa=MK series CIA code previously established by MK SEARCH Integer sequence code when b in obama=0:-2,+1,-1,+2,-3;NAOMI=MK NAOMI. MK NAOMI is listed in the MK ULTRA records.
BaRAcKhUsseinobama=KUBARK. Integer sequence code KUBARK begins and ends with the letter K in baracK. The code reads K, K+2, K-5, K-2, K-3, K. Both +2 and -2 are 2 space integer sequences and -5 and -3 are a difference of 2 integer spaces.
DERBY H.A.T.=Derby, England/Home of British Labor movement + Taft-Hartley Act(H.A.T.)/American law of 1947 putting clamps on the American Labor Movement. Derby, England was given city status in 1977 by “Monarch” Queen Elizabeth II-the year the MK ULTRA hearings were held-and 25 years after the Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne in 1952-the year ARTICHOKE(MK ULTRA) published the first DSM. H.A.T. is an acronym from the integer sequence -1,0,+1 when only the first letters of Taft-Hartley Act are used(THA) and A=0. If the A=0 in Taft-Hartley Act, using only the first letters of each word to form a word the integer sequence reads -1, 0, +1 = H.A.T. ( ... economics/), (, ( ... B0018VALSQ),
( ... nt&f=false), ( ... artley.htm).
baRackHUSseinobama=USHR(United States House of Representatives)Robert Byrd-a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan-was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1952; the year that Artichoke published the first DSM.
bArackHUsseinObama=Oahu, Hawaii(Alleged birthplace of Barack Hussein Obama)
( Pattern is first letter of last name, second letter of first name, first and second letter of middle name or 1st of last, 2nd of first, 1st and 2nd of middle.
baRaCkHussEInobama/Eric H.=Eric Holder-DOB 1951-is the Attorney General under Barack Hussein Obama and head of the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice oversees the USMS or United States Marshals Service which routinely manufactures “new identities with authentic documentation.” There is absolutely nothing significant about producing a Hawaiian birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama since both the United States Marshals Service-under the control of Barack Obama’s Attorney General-and Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii would have the ability to do so.
( ... holder.htm), (
bARACkhusSeiNObama=A. Carson=member of Congressional Black Caucus from Indiana who employs “Division Fallacy” manipulation; a strategy used in the election of MONARCH( ... 42776.html). The intentional effort of those who employ “Division Fallacy” in the matter of race is to intentionally use the issue of skin color, when policy is the issue. See “Obama, the African Colonial”
( ... onial.html). In fact, the black community has seen a 4000% increase in death through Planned Parenthood since the so-called “Civil Rights” movement. See “Black Genocide”
( Not ironically, another Indiana representative from the federal government is directly linked to MK ULTRA and MONARCH: Senator Richard Lugar whose name appears on MK ULTRA records( ... t_2005.pdf).
baraCkHussEINOBAMa=Bohemian C.(Bohemian Club)
( ... ofact.html).
barackhUSSeinobaMa/USMS=United States Marshals Service is a branch of the Justice Department which is under the leadership of Attorney General Eric Holder. The United States Marshals Service routinely manufactures false identities with authentic documentation.(
Possible MK series code:
baracKhUSSeinObAMa=Duplicate anagram MK phonetic code. MK(once) OUSSA(twice). MOUSSA KOUSSA. Moussa Koussa was Libya’s top intelligence agent. When the letters O and the first S are stricken from OUSSA the code reads USA. Moussa Koussa held duel US citizenship. Ironically, when U and A are stricken from OUSSA the code reads OSS which is the former name for the CIA. This would be logical because of the agent’s advanced age; his birthdate is listed as 1949 which is within 4 years of the name change of the OSS to the CIA( ... /art10.htm). MK ULTRA himself was born in 1929(if even that is true). Both MK ULTRA and Moussa Koussa obtained Bachelor’s degrees in sociology in the United States; although MK OSS USA obtained his degree in 1978 which is the year after the 1977 MK ULTRA hearings. His defection to the UK
(whose Operation Mincemeat and Lockerbie bombing are eerily similar to the accusations of the invented personage of MK ULTRA & MONARCH and the 911 attacks i.e. invented people and airplane attacks involving Muslims) and the hands of British Intelligence is not surprising in the least( ... one46.html)
( ... ssa-koussa) ( ... itain.html), (, ( ... btrial_pi2[tab]=facts&tx_jbtrial_pi2[profile]=moussa_koussa_1037&cHash=8e1e089e09), ( ... -1.1086924), ( ... latestnews).
baraCkhUsSeINObaMa=COMUNISM/Communism phonetic. Only one M is necessary in a phonetic code. Integer pattern is when C in baraCk=0 on an integer scale. C begins the code. C+9, C+12, C+3, C-10, C+7, C+5, C+12. The pattern can be seen by adding or subtracting the 1st and 3rd integer sequences, the 3rd and 5th integer sequences, and the 5th and 7th integer sequences or 9(1st integer sequence)+3(3rd integer sequence)=12(2nd integer sequence), -3(3rd integer sequence)+(-7)(5th integer sequence)=-10(4th integer sequence), and -7(5th integer sequence)+12(7th integer sequence)=5(6th integer sequence) or the odds equal the evens. Although actual integer sequences may be positive or negative, the perfect numerical pattern is of greater significance and indicates a perfect pattern. Integers are only whole number (spaces) from zero anyway and zero, of course.
These anagrams and integer sequence codes are also in the name Barack Hussein Obama:
(Collapsed/ing countries, cities, leaders, targets, and groups in the Islamic Middle East or other Islamic nations)
BARAcKHUSseINObaMa=Hosni Mubarak(Egypt-Overthrown)
( ... 05862.html)
bARackhuSseinObaMa=Omar S. Omar Suleiman is the replacement for Mubarak and head of intelligence. He joined the army in 1954 and received training in the Soviet Union(
BARAckHusseINobama=Bahrain(In rebellion)( ... oners.html)
bArAckhuSseiNobamA=Sanaa(Yemen-In rebellion)(
baRAckhusseINobama=Iran(In rebellion)( ... s=PM:WORLD)
barackhusseiNObaMA=Oman(In rebellion)
( ... sts-widen/)
baRAckhusseiNObama=Oran(Algeria-In rebellion)
( ... in-algeria)
barackHuSseinObaMa=Homs/bARackhUSSeinobama=Assur/bArAckHusseinobaMa=Hama/BARAckHuSseinobAma=Bashar A.(Syria-In rebellion) ( ... rian-city/),
Shukri(Shukri Ghanem)(Libya-In rebellion)( ... 42496.html), ( ... d-13008312), (
bArackhUssEinobama=UAE(Unrest)( ... ments.html)
BARAckhuSseInobAma=S. Arabia(Rebellion beginning)
( ... sts-2011-3)
bArackHUSSEINobama=A. Hussein/barackhusseiNobAMA=Aman(Amman phonetic)(Jordan-Watchful)( ... 40731.html)
bARAcKhusseiNobAma=Ankara/ BaRAckhUSseinobama=Bursa/ baRackhusSEINobaMa=Mersin/ barAcKhUsSeinobma=Usak/ bArackhUSSeiNobaMa=Samsun/ bARacKhuSseinobama=Kars/ BARackhussEinobama=Erba(Turkey-Watchful)
Turkey’s monarchy in Egypt was overthrown in 1952; the year the first DSM was published.
( ... 52&f=false)
( ... urkey.html)
( ... 3/24/nb-01)
bArAcKHusseiNobama=Hakan. Hakan Fidan is the head of Turkish Intelligence.
( ... gence.html)
bARacKhuSsEINObama=I. Kosaner. Isik Kosaner is chief of the Turkish armed forces who resigned. (
bArAckHuSseINobama=Hasan I. Hasan Igsiz is a Turkish general implicated in a coup plot. (
bARAckhussEINobaMa=Armenia(In rebellion)
bARAcKHussEinobaMa=Marakesh(Marrakesh alternate and phonetic)/baracKhuSsEiNobaMa=Meknes(Morocco)(Rebellion beginning)
(, ( ... emen-china), ( ... -of-meknes)
BArAckhUSseinObaMa=Osama or Usama B/Osama Bin Laden(Supposedly assassinated)
Possible Islamic Middle East/Asia overthrows:
BArAckhuSseinoBaMa=M. Abbas/barAckHuSseinobAMa=Hamas(Palestine-Gaza; unrest with Israel)
BarackhusseinobaMa=MB(Muslim Brotherhood)
bARackhusseinObaMa=Omar(Mullah Omar)
bARackhUsseINobaMa=A. Munir/ bARACKHusseInobama=Karachi/bARAcKHuSseInobaMa=A. Kashmir/bAracKHuSseinobaMa=M. Khas/bARAckHuSsEiNobaMa= Mansehra/BaRackHussEInoBaMa=Bhimber/BARAckhusseinobama=Bara/bARacKHusseinobama=Khar, Pakistan( ... cia-chief/), (
Other overthrows:
BARacKhUsseINobama=Burkina(Faso), Africa(
New allies:
baraCkHusseINobAma=China( ... ement.html)
Potential new ally/overthrow:
bARacKhusSEiNObama=N. or S. Korea(Unrest between North and South)
( ... 1415822829).
Potential overthrows:
( ... april-4th/)
baRackhussEinObaMa=Rome(Italy)(In scandal; unrest)
( ... italy.html)
baracKhUsseinobama=UK(Unrest). The idea for the fabricated identities came from Operation Mincemeat and William Martin. British Intelligence had already fabricated an individual only 10 years prior to the beginning of MK ULTRA. British Intelligence is mentioned in MK ULTRA records.
barackhuSSeInobama=SIS. British Secret Intelligence Service. ULTRA was of British intelligence origin. ( ... _World_War),
( ... 988423.ece), ( ... m_protests), ( ... weapon.htm)
Russia, China, Korea, Cuba(by inference), United Kingdom and its intelligence service, Rome(by inference), and USA are ALL mentioned in the MK ULTRA documents. Cuba is a Communist bloc country and Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty was ROMAN Catholic.
BaRackhussEiNObama=B. Oren/baRAckHusseiNObaMa=H. Ramon/bARAckHusseINObama=Aharoni,“Yisrael” born in 1953/
( ... tical.html),
bArACkHuSSeinObaMa=ASSOCHAM/ BARAcKHUSseINOBAma= Kisan Baburao H. aka Anna Hazare/bArackhuSSeinobAMa=Assam(India) (, ( ... n_movement), (, (, ( ... 711/city05)
barackhUssEinobama=EU(European Union)(
barackhUsseiNobama=UN(United Nations) The United Nations Charter was drawn up in 1945. The International Labor Organization is an affiliate. (
amEricanpsyCHiATRIcassOCiation=ARTICHOKE acronym w/phonetic(Left, right directional pattern beginning with A(left) in psychiatric and ending with E(left) in American. Employs phonetic c(hard k) sound in assoCiation. The leftist organization ARTICHOKE writes the DSMs and headed MK ULTRA through Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron(
1st Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was published in 1952 the year before MK ULTRA(niTRAM rehtUL gniK) or Project Martin Luther King began and included “phobia of syphilis” to conceal Tuskegee and Guatemalan syphilis experiments taking place in the Executive Branch. First attack on organized religion or “religiosity” as a mental disorder(
2nd Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was published in 1968 with 2nd attack on “religiosity”; the year MK ULTRA(Martin Luther King) was assassinated ( ... assass.htm), ( ... .281968.29).
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manuals of Mental Disorders are produced by Artichoke and are part of MK ULTRA/MONARCH/MK SEARCH/MK NAOMI/KUBARK/DERBY HAT. They are used for gaslighting and psycho-slavery based on the tactics of pedophiles and are loaded with “Behavior Modifiers” or conditioned stimulus according to the Classical Conditioning of Ivan Pavlov.

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my head hurt

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And , lsol

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Could we get the Cliff's Notes Version first? I seriously don't want to go down all those rabbit holes without a better idea of what you're attempting to convey.

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somE of thosE are a bit of StretCH, don't you think? = cheese?


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